Books on Healing - Women's History Month

For Women's History/Herstory Month I am celebrating and sharing the women that have influenced and helped heal my life through their books. Whenever I have been troubled or seeking information I always reach for books. The books these women wrote affected me on many levels. Of course there were also many books written by men that have helped me over the years and I will talk about them at another time.

I look at the titles of these books and it takes me back in time to the many journeys I have had that lead me here. I will post from one to three a day for the rest of Herstory Month.

In the Shadow of the Shaman by Amber Wolfe

I found this to be a most inspiring book that helped me at the beginning of my healing journey and I have kept it in my library all of this time. It has a new cover on the newer releases but I will always love this picture of the original book.

The Women's Book of Healing by Diane Stein

I have quite a few of Diane Stein's books but this one was my first. This book taught me the beginnings of healing the body with crystals, how to work with the chakras, colors, auras, and laying on of hands before I even knew what Reiki was. Of course she also came out with several Reiki books.

The Complete Handbook Of Natural Healing by Marcia Stark

In this book I discovered the connection between what you think and how the body creates illness. I found it fascinating and the beginning to changing my thought patterns.

I have such gratitude for these women and the books they wrote. They literally changed my life.

What stories can you share about women healing facilitators that have made a difference in your life? What changes have you made in your life because of a healing book you read?

May you have much happy reading during Herstory month!


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