Tackle It Tuesday - Playing The Didgeridoo

For six years now I have been playing the Didgeridoo.  What, may you ask is a Didgeridoo; it is an aboriginal wind instrument, usually made out of the eucalyptus tree that has been hollowed out by termites.  The Didgeridoo makes an earthy droning sound that vibrates out transforming energy; making it a great tool for meditation and helping you relax into your meditative state.

I love playing the Didgeridoo and get excited when talking about how to play the instrument. Adding the Didgeridoo to my list of healing tools was the only logical choice because, it adds to the energy of seven Rays, Reiki and meditation.

One of my personal goals, as well as professional goals, is to learn circular breathing while playing the Didgeridoo so that I won’t have to stop and take a breath every few seconds; it would be continuous play while playing during a meditation.  I am also learning how to make different vocal sounds while playing the instrument. This has been a goal of mine since I started playing and today I am going to tackle it.

Things I need to do to make this goal a reality.                                                  

·         Research ways to learn circular breathing  and different vocal sounds

·         Watch YouTube videos on  the Kookaburra and dingo barks  technics

·         Record myself playing to hear how I sound

·         Practice, practice and practice

·         Be gentle with myself as I learn circular breathing

The first step is big because I understand the theory of how circular breathing is supposed to work but my brain does not want to change how I breathe.  Researching different ways to learn circular breathing would be a big help and I could find one that would make it easier to learn.   Watching videos on how to perform the kookaburra and dingo barks gave me an idea of how it is supposed to sound when playing.  Recording myself playing helps me to hear how I sound, because how I sound in my head is different than what others hear when listening to me play.  The more I practice the better I will sound and the quicker I will learn the different technics that are outlined in my goals. 

Being gentle with yourself is one of the most important parts to reaching your goal because being hard on yourself will only put you further away from your desired aspiration. I intend on not criticizing myself every time I don’t get it right.  

How can you be gentle with yourself while learning something new?

What are you going to tackle this week?


  1. I really want to learn the didgeridoo! I play several instruments, but this one really calls to me. Well, I also really want to learn the Theremin. So many instruments, so little time. ;p

    Seriously, though, your post is very inspiring! Circular breathing is not an easy thing to attempt.


    1. Thank you, Tui
      Anytime you would like to learn to play the Didgeridoo just let me know... There are several great youtube videos that are helpful. There is nothing like the feeling of the vibrations going through your body as your playing, it puts me in a meditative state and I just play.