Universal Heart Meditation

This is a short meditation to help you connect to the Universal Heart Energies.

May you always feel the love of the Universe/Mother Father God Creator of all Life.

Take a few nice long slow deep breaths, feeling your body relaxing with each breath.

Feeling where your body and the air around you meet.

Moving your awareness out and up until you see this vibrant, brilliant, glowing Universal Heart.

Now see your personal stream of loving, healing light flowing back to connect with your heart. Nice long slow deep breath.

Feel the wonderful healing and loving energy flowing from the Universal Heart into you, moving throughout your whole body, moving into every crevice, into every cell, into your very DNA.

Now see that light pushing out through your pores and surrounding you, enveloping you with loving, healing Universal Heart energy.

See that light slowly streaming out from you and connecting to everything around you, pushing out further seeing it connect to everyone within your city, your state, your country, to the whole planet.

Seeing the loving, healing light surrounding the whole planet.

Truly feel and see this wonderful healing, loving light connecting all of you to all of everything.

Nice long slow deep breath.

Allowing yourself to stay connected and maintaining your boundaries so that only love and healing flows back and forth from you, the Universal Heart, and the all of everything.

Slowly, when you are ready, bring your awareness back into the room and bringing the loving feelings with you into your day.

Blessed Be