Seven Rays of the Ascended Masters

Seven Rays of the Ascended Masters 

Seven Rays Healing with the Ascended Masters, also called the Seven Rays of healing Lights.

Each Ray of Light and color possesses a specific force for healing different conditions.

The rays not only work on a physical level but on an emotional, mental and spiritual level as well.

The Seven rays is a divine universal healing modality that is eons old and is a very powerful and highly diversified healing energy. The rays have the potential to heal all conditions of the physical body and since it touches all those parts of us that need healing, it has the potential to heal the souls Karmic Baggage as it heals all levels of existence simultaneously.

Guided and regulated by the ascended masters each ray is used to heal a specific condition. 

It is divine in that it is channeled energy straight from Prime Source, through the ascended masters, to and through you- the healer. The rays are a more intense connection to the cosmic light than one can imagine, even if you have experience working with the ascended masters. It is found that those who are drawn to this work are the ancient healers of Atlantis who have known the healing work before. They are always drawn because of their deep connection and sense of recognition.

  • In the course of working with the Rays you will become familiar with the feel of each Ray and recognize each Master.
  • Through this work one will truly learn about the Seven Rays and discover applications that are not listed in this workshop and perhaps even discover some additional aspects of the Ascended Masters and the lives they have lived here on earth.
The depth of knowledge that the Ascended Masters have to share is limitless, so take advantage of their eagerness to share with you.

$75 A one day class and you receive a certificate.