Opening to Miracles

Opening to Miracles
Creating Magical Mysteries, Sacred Moments and Miracles

Are you feeling blocked from seeing clearly your life purpose?
Are you feeling stuck, in the in-between, or unclear about your next step on your journey?

Are You Letting Fear Stop You?

Through this wonder-filled, dynamic journey you will learn the tools that will help you awaken to your inner knowing that all is possible and see a clear direction for your path.

"I participated in Morgan's 'Opening to Miracles' journey experience and found it to be just what I needed at the time to get me back in touch with what was really important to me as a next step in my creative endeavors. She held a safe environment that was conducive for self discovery and liberation. She nurtured us with her music, creative dance, self acceptance and a wealth of inner wisdom. I would recommend this event to anyone looking for their next step in healing and selfdiscovery. Great event keep those creative juices flowing!"

Best wishes J.T. Atlanta, Ga
This Powerful process can help bring movement back into your life.
You have a deep inner knowing that you want and need an expanded spiritual connection on your journey.
You don't have any more time to waste. We each have a responsibility to deepen our connections with ourselves, spirit, and in each of our relationships.
The time is Now!

"I was out of balance with myself and with nature. Nothing seemed to work. I was numb or feeling overwhelmed. I couldn't see the opportunities right in front of my nose. The Universe threw one obstacle in my path after another insisting I get my act together. I decided to do whatever was necessary to bring balance back into my life. I had no true concept of how much better I would feel. Through using these tools I see the Divine in everything. My life feels conscious. I know that sounds strange but even when I thought I was awake I wasn't. I feel into everything now and I catch myself and use the tools as soon as I start to slip into sleep once again. It is amazing. I feel my boundaries and I feel connected at my very core. I am living in the joy and sacredness of life. I see the possibilities and miracles everywhere now. I am living my life's purpose."     MDW Atlanta, Georgia

What Miracle is currently trying to get your attention?

What opportunities are you missing out on because you can't see them?

Living in the Joy of Possibilities

A Wildly Creative Experiential Journey of Discovery!

Join Morgan Dragonwillow in "Opening to Miracles"

Host this workshop and receive wonderful bonuses. Contact us now to find out more.

$187 for an enlivening, expanding, incredible two day experiential journey.  
$97 for the one day journey

In the beginning we could see, we were joyful, we were love, and we were awake. We believed in magic, that all was possible. In the beginning we knew miracles because we are a miracle. ~MDragonwillow

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