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Morgan Dragonwillow

My Journey has taken me to many places within myself and many that I have co-journeyed with others. I know what it is like to feel pain (both emotional and physical) and discomfort. To procrastinate, over react, and allow fear to stop me. To need assistance with delving into the depths, bringing light into the dark and with the integration that is needed to see the whole.

It felt like all the pieces of me were scattered to the wind and I felt disconnected from all that mattered. Nothing seemed to work. I was numb or feeling overwhelmed. I couldn't see the opportunities right in front of my nose. The Universe threw one obstacle in my path after another insisting I get my act together. I decided to do whatever was necessary to bring all the pieces of me together into a cohesive whole. I had no true concept of how much better I would feel.

It is quite amazing to one day look up/in and realize that so many things have changed. That most of what triggered me no longer does. That the body aches and pains, that used to plague my existence, are almost gone. I can see the results from all of my hard work. That I am stronger in the mended places and still working on what is still ragged around the edges. . As I often say, "I am a work in process."

Everything I have learned and am still learning helps me to be the healing facilitator that I am. All of it has helped me on my journey to discover/uncover the Divine within myself. How we are all one. All of this and so much more helps me to stay in my center, to be a clear channel and facilitate Experiential Events and Multi-Dimensionally Transformative Bodywork Journeys for others.

Much Love to You on Your Journey.

The Moment, the Experience is the Journey

Christie Soaring Eagle

High Priestess Christie Soaring Eagle Woman has expanded her spiritual journey through a two year exploration of the Magdalene Mysteries, and has achieved Master/Teacher in Reiki, Karuna Ki, and Seven Rays. She is in the process of completing her degree in human services and is a certified coach. Christie facilitates vibrational healing with her Didgeridoos and combines it with her energy work, intuitive knowing, and wonderful manner to clear, balance and expand a person’s feeling of well being.