Embracing Change in the Shadows - Saying Goodbye to February

This past month I have been diving deep into the shadows to discover my authentic voice for my writing. I journeyed with shadow into music and movement. I have determined to never get on a scale again and to look at how I am feeling and use movement to feel better. February has been an enlightening month filled with changes; understanding my body and learning to treat it as the sacred vessel that it is.

I have been learning how to balance movement with my writing and not always being successful but always trying to be compassionate about it.

I haven't created as much art but I did get myself an offline art journal that I have explored and enjoy.

My shadow walking really helped me to see different aspects of myself and decipher how I want to proceed with this and my other blogs. I am quite pleased about that.

One major discovery for Shadow Rhythms is how important it is to me that I help people understand their shadow and how to work with it. This site will continue to be donation only for that purpose. This site is definitely about my acts of selfless service to help you change how you feel about your body, mind and spirit through working with shadow. Please do not hesitate to ask questions and leave comments about any of the topics here at Shadow Rhythms. It is my pleasure to help answer them for you if I am able, or point you in a direction where you can find the answers for yourself.

How has this month changed the way you look at yourself? Have you taken the time to explore your shadow?  Are you going to take advantage of the shadow period opportunity of the triple retrograde that will soon be in effect?

May you allow light to shine into the shadows; to discover your inner gifts, to fully empower your healing journey, and to create positive changes in your life.

Peace and Healing,

Imported From my blog Shadow Rhythms and the comments that were left with it.

Lovely post. I am getting out of my year long shadow. Taking care of myself!
I am glad you are taking care of yourself. Thanks for stopping by.

I think I was stuck in Mercury Retrograde All of February. Communication just didn't work for me. Is it strange that March could be better despite the alignment of the planets *lol*
It is what we make it. It also depends if you are walking consciously or sleep walking through life. If you are sleep walking Mercury Retrogade will trip you up because that is its job.

Thanks for stopping by!


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