Aspects of Me - Honoring the End of February

This blog has been much neglected over the last year or so. I discovered my shadow self and went on a separate journey from this site creating Shadow Rhythms. At the end of January I dived deeply into my writing and created another blog, A Writer's Universe. I love all of my blogs and I am looking at the differences of them. I am deciding what aspect of me they each represent.

Dragonwillow Journeys was created to have a place for you, our clients and workshop attendees, to learn more and then follow our healing journeys. Somehow I lost focus for this blog. I couldn't grab hold of what it was really about and how to explore and share that with others. I have a new excitement for this blog and I have begun to see what I need to see to expand and grow Dragonwillow Journeys. I hope you will join us on this expansion of the inner self.

Christie has spiritually grown to now create her own blog at Waking My Voice. Please show your support of her independent journey and visit her blog. She has promised to continue to write for us here at Dragonwillow Journeys on occasion.

As February comes to a close I want to honor your journey of exploration, of healing, of expanding. You will find much to look forward to learning here at Dragonwillow Journeys in the coming months. I hope you will visit often.

February has been a very enlightening month. I have been on a journey exploring my writing that has opened my heart and filled me with compassion for myself and for others. I will forever be grateful to February 2012 and all the many inner gifts I have received. It has also brought new clients into my life that I treasure. It is always a blessing to share our knowledge of healing with others; to empower you with the tools for your own healing journey. I look forward to our journey of healing together; for each time I help you learn the tools to heal yourself, a piece of me is healed also.

Blessings to you on your healing journey,

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